Determination, Vision, Mission, Strategy, Goals and Policy

Virtue Precedes, Wisdom leads the way, Create Innovation

Create highly skills and knowledgeable workers for jobs in technological fields

The University where fosters graduates with handson who has experiences and innovative dynamism for society development, integrity and sustainability


  1.  Manage higher education on the basis of sciences and technologies according to standard quality and clientssatisfaction
  2.  Create researches, inventions, innovations and innovation uses on the basis of sciences and production technology, service and value added creating product of the country.
  3.  Provide academic service and technology transfer to society for sustainable development.
  4.  Converse and maintain for religious, art and culture artifacts as well as environmental protection.
  5.  Respond to the Royal Initiation of royal projects

Strategy and Goal
Strategy Issue 1: Produce and develop student hands on related to national strategy 

Goal 1.1 The characteristics of university graduates are able to respond 10 new engines of growth.

Goal 1.2 Education innovation which create characteristics of university graduates.

Goal 1.3 System, mechanism and process which are promoting and supporting education innovation.

Goal 1.4 Resources which support creating student handson and supporting education innovation.

Strategy Issue 2: Empowerment for researches, develop and efficiently innovation translation 

Goal 2.1 The researches, creations, innovations which are quality, continually and are accepted at international level

Goal 2.2 The researches, creations, innovations are potential and respond the development of 10 new engines of growth.

Goal 2.3 System, mechanism and process which are promoting and supporting researches, creations, innovations.

Goal 2.4 Resources which support researches, creations, innovations and development of Small and Medium Enterprises.


Strategy Issue 3: Promote communities of innovation to improve the quality of life and local community income

Goal 3.1 Model community of creating or innovation using/ academic service of science 

Goal 3.2 Clients are satisfaction for academic service and university innovation transfer

Goal 3.3 System, mechanism and process which are promoting and supporting to lead innovation for community, society and internationality

Goal 3.4 People are able to transfer knowledge and innovation for community, society and internationality

Strategy Issue 4: Administrative and management reform for excellence digital age

Goal 4.1 To develop quality education for excellence practice/ budget and property management for getting the most out of them

Goal 4.2 Clients and stakeholders trust and satisfy to system, quality of education management 

Goal 4.3 System, mechanism and process which are promoting and supporting for administrative reform for driving university strategy 

Goal 4.4 Human resources and information technology system are developed for organization reform in digital age and drive university clusters 


  1. Relevance = Preparation for change and policy
  2. Involvement = Love, trust and faith for organization 
  3. Dedication = Determination and sacrifice for organization 
  4. Income oriented = Be consciousness to be entrepreneur
  5. Networking = Promote and support for cooperation network
  6. Good Governance = Create management system by using good governance 
  7. Quality = Improve all aspect of quality 
  8. Accumulated Leadership = Intend to develop leadership 

Graduates Identity 
Practical Graduates Responsible

RMUTI Identity 
The university producing graduates who has strong practical skills 

RMUTI Uniqueness 
The university of creating specific occupation 

RMUTI = Rajamangala University of Technology 
R= Reputation = The university of well-known in producing practical graduates
M= Morality = The university of morality, ethics and honesty
U= Unity = The university of harmony and unity 
T= Technology = The university of technology and leader of innovation using
I= Innovation= The university of driving innovation dynamics

Student Characteristics
Technology Literacy = Technology knowledge 
Effective Communication = Communicative competence  
Collaboration = Public collaboration
Ethics and Morality = Morality and Ethical 
Corporate Social Responsibility = social responsibility 
Professional Skill = Skills in professional

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